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These Rules and Policies are subject to change and may vary according to specific site and/or program.



 These Rules and Policies apply to all program activities, including but not limited to, classroom activities, technical rehearsals and performances. These Rules and Policies apply to all areas of the facility in use, including but not limited to, the classroom and performance areas.

All references to parents herein include legal guardians as well. 


  • This is not a PRODUCT-focused program.  The emphasis is on the PROCESS. The process we use to accomplish our goals, the relationships we build with the others in the ensemble and our attitudes towards the work and each other are of equal, if not more, importance than the final presentation.

  • Each student is expected to work toward a performance/presentation and must be available to participate in the performances, and associated dress rehearsals.  Participation in dress rehearsals and performance is required.  Please do not enroll and expect a part if you will not be available for the dress rehearsals and performances.


  • Roles will be assigned by Much Ado About Shakespeare, LLC staff in their sole discretion. These decisions are final.
  • When a student is assigned a role, he/she is responsible for memorizing his/her lines by the stated offbook dates.  At Much Ado’s sole discretion, if the student is not meeting this obligation, his/her lines are subject to reduction and/or reassignment to another student.



  • Above all, each actor/student must be respectful towards staff and each other and support each other in their classwork. A positive and productive learning environment requires respectful, safe and cooperative behavior from all students.  In the case of any inappropriate or counterproductive student behavior, the following steps, in order, may be taken by the instructor:

1.              A Gentle Reminder of Appropriate Class Behavior

2.              A Brief Period Away from the Group

3.              Dismissal from Class for the Day and a Family Conference

4.              Role Revocation and/or Dismissal from the Program

Particularly in the case of behavior that jeopardizes the safety of anyone associated with the program, the instructor may employ a stricter standard, which may include immediate suspension from the program or dismissal from the program and being permanently barred from the program in the future.  Much Ado reserves the right to take whatever action it deems appropriate at any time to deal with inappropriate and unacceptable behavior or actions, or any behavior or actions that violate these rules and policies.

  • The attire worn in class must be safe, comfortable and easy to move in, with shoes that do not slip or roll.  Safe footwear is required. Shoes must be closed-toe and must fasten securely. No bare feet, flip-flops, loose or backless shoes, or shoes with wheels are allowed. If a student is inappropriately dressed, he/she will be asked to sit out for the class.  Repeated violations of this policy may result in further disciplinary action by Much Ado.
  • Students must arrive on time to each class.  Habitual tardiness will result in a family conference. Continued tardiness may result in dismissal from the program with no money refunded.
  • If a student misses more than two classes without giving advance notice and getting Much Ado’s approval, he/she is subject to dismissal from the program with no money refunded.


  • The facilities at which we hold Much Ado classes generally have offices and other ongoing activities. Because of this, excessive noise and/or boisterous behavior are not appropriate or allowed in the classroom and surrounding areas. Students should limit themselves to the classroom and nearby restroom areas. All students who have been signed-in must at all times be attended by a Much Ado staff person or a supervising parent and this shall continue until the student is signed-out.  Students must be respectful of all others using the facility and all property at the facility. No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom except water.
  • We make every effort to cut or rework material from the original scripts in order to keep the plays classroom-appropriate.  However, please understand that Shakespeare’s plays are at times inherently bawdy, somewhat vulgar, violent and passionate. They can, and often do, address romance, religion and even violence.  Further, improvisation and acting exercises are by their very nature free-form and spontaneous.  A certain amount of risk-taking and adventure is inherent in the creative process. Therefore, parents and students should understand that not every exercise or scene will suit each individual’s sensibility. Just as in Shakespearean scenes, exercises and improvised or written scenes may include references to romance, religion and even violence. Much Ado About Shakespeare, LLC will not adapt the plays or other classroom activities to meet individual family expectations. Please make sure you have considered this fully before you make your commitment to the season.
  • Communication is essential. At registration, using the Parent Comment Form, parents must inform Much Ado in writing of any physical, emotional, behavioral or learning conditions concerning their child(ren) which might affect their child(ren)’s ability to behave respectfully, safely and cooperatively within the program.  In addition, parents must keep Much Ado updated in writing as to any changes in these conditions or development of new conditions.  Failure to follow these requirements may result in dismissal from the program with no money refunded.
  • Much Ado depends upon the cooperation and teamwork of the program’s parents. A healthy student ensemble must have the support of a healthy parent ensemble. By registering, parents agree to work with each other and the staff with respect, honesty, cooperation, safety and teamwork.   Parental behavior that does not adhere to these principles may result in dismissal from the program with no money refunded.


  • Parents (or guardians) must pay all required fees by the payment due dates stated in the Program Bulletin, regardless of whether their child completes the program.  Failure to pay by the payment due dates without prior written approval from Much Ado About Shakespeare, LLC will result in dismissal from the program with no money refunded. Dismissal from the program for any reason does not alter or negate the parents’ (or guardians’) obligation to pay all fees.


  • Parents (or guardians) are solely responsible for the safe drop-off and pick-up of their child(ren) to and from the class or performance facility. Further, parents are solely responsible for getting their child(ren) to and from the 
    designated sign-in/sign-out area in a timely and safe manner.  Parents are solely responsible for signing their child in and out using the Much Ado class sign-in sheet maintained by the site coordinator each class day. In the event of parents needing to make alternative arrangements for drop-off or pick-up, parents must contact their site coordinator in advance and specify these new arrangements. Such alternative arrangements are the sole responsibility of the parents. Much Ado does not assume any liability in such cases.  


  • Much Ado About Shakespeare, LLC has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards bullying. This includes physical, verbal and emotional bullying in the classroom or on-site. Much Ado will not tolerate situations in which students feel intimidated or threatened in any way.  By registering, the parents and students agree not to engage in any bullying behavior whatsoever. Such behavior will be addressed by Much Ado and may result in being dismissed from the program with no money refunded.


  • While Much Ado is not able to monitor and regulate behavior or actions that may occur outside of its program activities, Much Ado requests actors/students and their family members and friends to avoid conduct and behavior that could have a negative impact on the program.  For example, gossip and rumors regarding program participants and their families, online communications and postings regarding the program and its participants and their families, in-person confrontations, or other such conduct that has the potential of having a negative impact on the program and its participants should be avoided.  Much Ado expects each participant and family members to conduct themselves professionally and to be respectful towards all participants, their families and friends and all staff and other individuals involved in the program.


  • It is important that parents and students acknowledge that their off-site behavior including, but not limited to, in-person confrontations and online communications can have a negative affect upon the classroom environment or program.  By registering, parents and students commit themselves to not engaging in any off-site behavior that adversely affects the classroom environment or program. Any such off-site behavior will be addressed by Much Ado and may result in being dismissed from the program with no money refunded.



  • Much Ado About Shakespeare, LLC reserves the right to act in its sole judgment and discretion in responding to any issues of safety or potential threats to the program’s integrity and/or professional environment. Such actions may include, but are not limited to, family conferences and/or the dismissal from the program with no money refunded. 
  • An applicant’s or student’s registration and enrollment is not complete until all steps in the registration process have been completed, all application and registration forms have been reviewed and accepted by Much Ado and until the applicant or student has received written confirmation of registration and enrollment from Much Ado. Further, Much Ado About Shakespeare, LLC reserves the right to refuse the application, deposit, payment, reservation, registration and/or enrollment of any applicant or student.
  • Refund rules and policies vary according to site and type of program. Please contact the site coordinator for the refund policy appropriate to your site and program.  Please email Much Ado at for your site coordinator’s contact information.
  • Much Ado reserves the right to modify and supplement these rules and policies in its sole and absolute discretion at any time.  Participants and their families should refer to the Much Ado website for the most current version of the rules and procedures that apply to all participants and their families, and by registering in this program, participants and their families agree to be bound by any modifications and supplements that Much Ado makes to these rules and policies at any time.
  • Much Ado cannot predict each and every circumstance that may arise during the course of its programs.  Much Ado strives to provide the best possible atmosphere for its participants, including a safe, respectful and professional learning environment.  Should issues come up that are not addressed by these rules and policies, Much Ado reserves the right to address such issues in its absolute and sole discretion to insure the best interests of its program and participants in the program.  If any participant or his/her family members have any questions about any aspect of the program, such inquiries should be directed to Much Ado About Shakespeare, LLC.
Thank you for your interest in Much Ado About Shakespeare, LLC.
We understand that each community of families, and thus each program, is unique. We strive to be flexible in tailoring a program that best fits each community’s specific needs.

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Stuart Calof and Rebekah Czarnecki
Artistic Directors