Registration Packet for CVH students taking MAAS classes

Classes meet on Wednesdays at The Boys and Girls Club 1980 E. Avenida de las Flores, Thousand Oaks.

MAAS currently does not have anything scheduled with CVH for the Fall of 2017 but look for our return in the Winter or Spring of 2018. 

Spring 2017 offerings included the follow: 

Tumbling and Physical Comedy! for AGES 7-11 This series of highly physical workshops will challenge students to develop new levels of body awareness, safety skills and teamwork. Beginning with basic lifts and rolls, students will advance, as they are ready, to more involved lifts, rolls and catches.  For the Physical Comedy portion, the kids will play with stock characters embodying their physicality’s and flaws. Kids will learn about classic comic tropes such as the take, double take, spit take and rule of threes.  Combining these skills, we'll choreograph a scene to be performed for Huck during lunch on the last class day.

Making British History ~ Learning through Improv!  for AGES 10-up Forget heavy textbooks, tedious tests, and lists of dates. History comes alive when you get to BE the characters!  Each week students will hear a story of royal intrigue- plots and prisoners, love and lunacy. Using fun and easy improv basics, they will jump up on their feet and act out these stories and understand history from the point of view of the people that lived it. And there is no writing requirement! Explore history in more exciting and fulfilling way.  From Mary Shelly to the Battle of Guildford to the Irish Potato Famine.   So join us as we Improv with British History!