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Registration Packet for CVH students taking MAAS classes

Classes meet on Wednesdays at The Boys and Girls Club 1980 E. Avenida de las Flores, Thousand Oaks.


Combat History - Battles of Antiquity ~ 8 weeks/Spring ~ Ages 9-up What was the Battle of Troy really all about and why were those guys inside that horse?  Where does the word “marathon” come from?  Did a battalion of 300 Greek soldiers really defeat 150,000 Persian soldiers? Let’s find out as we travel back into the past and explore the battles and politics of antiquity. In this program, students will learn all about the history in Battle and War of a certain era while exploring stage combat with a combination of in-depth hand-to-hand, sword and pike technique. Students will be invited to keep learning at home and bring in fun facts about the era or the assigned battle/war of that week.  This program provides a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere where students will be encouraged to make bold and creative acting choices, while also developing new levels of personal confidence and ensemble skills.  The 10 week session will culminate in a choreographed battle reenactment!  Emphasis will be placed on safety, physical fitness and teamwork. Students will get a healthy workout while incorporating history and acting into safe, fun combat lessons! Homework:  Bringing in fun facts!

Making History ~ Learning through Improv! Famous Authors and Literature~ 8 weeks/Spring ~ Ages 9-up What do Huckleberry Finn, Charlotte the Spider, Gandalf, Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh all have in common?  They all have brilliant creative minds that brought them into this world!  Beloved characters of literature and the authors who created them come to life as students act out scenes from their lives and their works.  Using fun and easy improv basics, they will jump up on their feet and explore their favorite tales. There is no writing requirement! Explore literary history in more exciting and fulfilling way. Homework:  Bringing in fun facts about well-known authors and books!  A must for the students who are passionate about reading!